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Audit Preparation and QMS

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Audit Planning and Preparation

With extensive experience of the BRC Audit Standard (through all the versions leading up to the current Issue 7, having helped a client achieve the highest AA+ grading) as well as M & S Codes of Practice, Tesco TFMS (a Tesco Nominated Food Expert) and other industry standards we can help you plan, prepare and execute the systems and procedures necessary to give you the best chance of success on the day. Additionally, we will work with you to set a solid foundation for a sustainable ongoing performance standard. Of course, there is no accounting for an unforeseen event on the day but we can work with you to ensure that such incidences are mitigated as far as is practicable.

How Can We Support

  • Demanding Pre-audits to pro-actively identify areas requiring focus
  • Internal Audit Schedules and QMS Documentation & Procedures
  • HACCP and Allergen Management Support